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Waraqa, as a publisher, has a proven and well-respected record in journal publications, upkeep, and online footprint management that make it ideal for providing customers with all their needs. It is their mission to become a household name in the Middle East for all services in scientific journal creation. To this end, we employ or have ties with companies and individuals specialized in media and branding, website creation, and content review accredited boards to guarantee the best possible outcome for any project. Our strength lies in our specialization in the correct handling of medical and other scientific works, from their infancy to their publication in custom created online journals.

Among our various successes may be found the recognized “International Journal of Medicine in Developing Countries” (IJMDC), which is well into its 6th volume since its creations in 2017; and the more recently established “Saudi Journal for Emergency Medicine”, (SJEM) which is already starting to see more widespread popularity and some international acclaim.

WARAQA Publishing House Ltd.

Our commitment to these goals can be seen in out consistent and proven efforts in assisting many local institutions and medical facilities in improving their ranking by increasing their outreach capabilities, transparency and overall quality of publicized materials.

To the present date, we possess an ever expanding reputation and experience, a proven track record, and undeniable success in the position of a private company that provides one of the most comprehensive suite of services nationally. These include. in broad terms publishing, editing, RGMS administration, consulting, project structuring, and various statistical data analysts.