Our Services

Our services:

  1. Publishing Services.
  2. Conference Management Services
  3. Descriptive Content Writeup

1.Publishing Services

Here at Waraqa Publishing House, we have a proven and well-respected record in journal publication, upkeep, and online footprint management that make us ideal for providing our customers with all their needs. It is our mission to become a household name in the Middle East for all services in medical journal creation. To this end, we employ or have ties with companies and individuals specialised in media and branding, website creation, and a content review accredited board to guarantee the best possible outcome for your project.

We recently established "Saudi Journal for Emergency Medicine", (SJIM) which is already starting to see more widespread popularity.

Our Publications:

2.Conference Management Services

Having such a vast network of working ties in the medical publication and research fields in the Middle East has given us a unique position of having ease of access to a vast quantity of information, specialists and hosting institutions, from prestigious universities to private research centers.

We offer this commodity to prospective clients who express a wish to organize any sort of event relating to the conducting and presentation of medical research in the Middle East, be it a quick-fire Q&A session to symposiums or conferences that can span multiple days.

Furthermore, we offer assistance and automation of all the steps of hosting such an event, from creating and reviewing the itineraries and proposed content, to site contracting and layout.

3.Descriptive Content Writeup

When building any project from scratch, it is often necessary to expand on the base framework by means of a detailed explanation of its various components or objectives. This descriptive writeup of content must be comprehensive, original, and easily understandable without going into superfluous information or baseless conjecture. This process can be time consuming and daunting, especially without any prior experience.

We at Waraqa LLC. have extensive experience in elaborating these content writeups, having a proven record in extensive content writing for a variety of organizations, from private companies to educational and public sector institutions.

It is based on this, our proven history of success and client satisfaction, that we can confidently claim that we are capable and willing to undertake any project that may be requested of us, guaranteeing a satisfactory outcome

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