Our Services

Editorial Services

Based on a careful and diverse assessment of the market and its demands, we aim to provide the following services which can be tailored to the designs of a Client to more efficiently achieve their goals.


1.       Description

Biostatistical Analysis/Data Encoding

2.       Assistance in Excel data-sheet completion and automation

3.       SPSS operations (cleaning, coding, data analysis)

4.       Assistance in creation of visual aids to data (charts, graphs and tables)

Editorial Services

5.       Manuscript touch-up based upon the provided draft

6.       Soft review of manuscripts to evaluate study flow logic and suitability, information coherence and accuracy, correct interpretation of results regarding testing hypothesis, and logical flow of ideas and order of information presented

7.       Minor to moderate correction of detected errors or flaws, provided data and structure of study is not compromised

Data Conversion and Pre-Analysis sorting

8.       Assistance in converting untreated data from the field or experimental process into normalized formats required for statistical work, or representative code for observational non-normal data.

Statistical Software (Provision and training)

9.     SPSS

10.   STATA

11.   R

12.   CMA

Reference management software (Provision and training)

13.   EndNote

14.   ZOTERO

15.   Mandeley

16.   JabRef

Journal Submission Assistance

17.   Assistance in conforming to formatting requirements of the client-specified journal 

18.   Step-by-step assistance through the submission process and follow-up communications or requests

19.   Assistance in responding to the peer reviewers’ comments (where possible)

Library and article access

We offer article access via following libraries.

20.   EBSCO


22.   DeepDyve

IRB completion and requisite documentation

23.   Assistance in filling out the institute or governing boards IRB form

24.   Assistance, if feasible and where applicable, in assembling required documentation such as an NDA or Consent Forms

Large-scale review study automated crawling:


25.   Use of automated tools to crawl all relevant published information found on digital repositories and archives using a series of keywords and refining parameters.

26.   Provide assistance and guidance to author for data extraction and tabulation (where possible)

27.   Assistance in Literature review and  Meta-analysis/Systematic review writing

Native language Editing, Proofreading and translation Service

28.   This service is available for (English, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish and Hindi, Ukrainian) 

29.   Manuscript revision by native speakers in relevant language that allows for subtle adaptations and colloquialisms no software can accurately mimic. *

*Grammar and spelling only, see Editorial Services for content alterations

Plagiarism checks

30.   Submission of manuscripts through premium plagiarism checking software prior to submission to journal to avoid rejection by copyright infringement.

31.   Plagiarismsoftware.net

32.   DupliChecker.com

33.   Plagramme.com

34.   Quillbot

35.   Grammarly Pro

36.   PlagScan

37.   Turnitin

38.   We have access to the above but we recommend iThenticate®, world’s best software for plagiarism checking used by large STEM publishers worldwide

Project Brainstorming and feasibility

39.   Advise in formulating projects prior to data collection and following result analysis for proper interpretation

40.   Assistance in evaluating a general field or concept supplied by the author that requires refining into a practical and testable hypothesis

41.   Evaluation of proposed research topics and hypotheses in terms of:

42.   Feasibility for the size of the research team

43.   Scope and implications therein

44.   Value/interest of topic to the scientific community vs. effort required

Printing and Postage

45.   Bulk manuscript printouts at mutually agreed price

46.   Binding and shipping as additional services are available


Publishing Services


Waraqa, as a publisher, has a proven and well-respected record in journal publications, upkeep, and online footprint management that make it ideal for providing customers with all their needs. It is their mission to become a household name in the Middle East for all services in scientific journal creation. To this end, we employ or have ties with companies and individuals specialized in media and branding, website creation, and content review accredited boards to guarantee the best possible outcome for any project. Our strength lies in our specialization in the correct handling of medical and other scientific works, from their infancy to their publication in custom created online journals.

Among our various successes may be found the recognized "International Journal of Medicine in Developing Countries" (IJMDC), which is well into its 6th volume since its creations in 2017; and the more recently established "Saudi Journal for Emergency Medicine", (SJEM) which is already starting to see more widespread popularity and some international acclaim.



Launching of scientific journal in a specific niche

Online journal management system

Various options are available depending upon the budget

Plagiarism Check

Plagiarism check is integrated into the online journal management service to scan all new submission for plagiarism

Reference checking

We offer Edifix, an ATYPON service to check the authenticity of the cited references as an add on service

Production Service


DOI Registration

Publisher will manage DOI registration with Crossref

Journal indexing

Index Medicus, SCOPUS, PubMed, Scopus, Web of Science and others

Collaboration with Digital Publishing Products:

Waraqa is already in contact with the following:

  1. Clarivate Analytics
  2. ProQuest
  3. EBSCO
  4. Digital Science (A Nature-Springer Repository)
  5. SciFinder
  6. Wangfang Data
  7. CNKI (Chinese National Knowledge Database
  8. MyScienceWorks
  9. ScienceOpen

And further arrangements can me made for the following:

  1. IEEE
  2. O'Reilly Media
  3. ACM Digital Library
  4. Hein Online
  5. ASCE Library
  6. Ask Zad
  7. Aljamea Web




  1. Research Grant Management Services


As recently as a few years ago, research grants management systems (RGMS) were designed purely as productivity tools—automating manual tasks to make life easier for the grants manager. Fast forward a few years, and the role of the RGMS and the expectations around it have expanded to encompass ease of use, impact analysis, and built-in collaboration capabilities that connect an organization with others in the research ecosystem. In a nutshell, grants management systems have evolved from pure productivity tools to fully fledged platforms. A modern RGMS not only drives efficiency and accuracy, but also serves as a platform for innovation and decision making.



Administrative Workload Management

  1. Waraqa has the ability to aid in the following managerial processes and functions during research:
    1. Financial management
    2. Grant proposal process
    3. Progress/outcome reporting
    4. Human subjects research reporting
    5. Time and effort reporting
    6. Documentation related to research involving animals

Ease of Information Access

48.   With Waraqa’s grant management system, users can quickly access information at any time through easy to use web-based interfaces that include dashboards, display screens and reports.

Automated Permissions & Communication

49.   Waraqa delivers multi-tiered security system controls for ease of availability and access.

50.   We can streamline the access to Client proposals and awards according to user defined filters.

51.    Alerts, email reminders, notification of pending activities or reporting deadlines are provided to key members.

Automated Time and Effort Tracking

52.   Automating certification and reporting reduces the time it takes to meet all national time and effort certification and reporting mandates.

Document Management and Storage

53.   Waraqa offers a system to automate the storage of documents digitally. These include the:

    1. Original proposal
    2. Notice of award
    3. Funding authority notifications
    4. Budget forms
    5. Financial reports

Educational Courses workshops and events

Waraqa is competent to organize and run educational and technical courses, social events, and conferences in how to conduct research, pitfalls and tips in methodology and write-up, among other similar titles.

The exact nature and content of these events and courses is negotiable and dependent on the needs of the Client, and degree of interest shown by the target audience.

Possessing an extensive network of fellows, resources and personnel, we are able to provide experts on a variety of subjects in the medical and research fields, ensuring the most competent and learned professionals are available to discourse at length on the subjects being addressed.

Should the presentation or informative documents need to be tailored to an Arabic-only speaking demographic, Waraqa has access to proficient translators to supply the material as needed.


Prince Mohamed Ben Saad Road, Building #6427, First floor, office # 1&2, Al Malqa Neighborhood, P.O.Box 3254, post code:13524. Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.