About us

The Vision:

To be the nº1 choice for the management of literary publications for all medical endeavors.

The Mission:

It is our most fundamental goal here at Waraqa LLC. to become a referential repository for all medical-related literary advancements in Saudi Arabia. From their conception to their publication, and their subsequent presentation in a variety of social gathering, events, or scientific forums, we hope that Waraqa will be the nº1 choice from start to finish.


The successful creation of any referential body of knowledge is not achieved over-night. Even the most meager collection of valued texts may take considerable time and investment to be amassed, evaluated, and made available through subsequent publications.

This reality holds true even in Saudi Arabia, and in no field is this felt more than that of medicine. It is therefore of growing concern that major investments and noteworthy successes in the advancement of the medical field in the Kingdom have been few and far between, it remaining a very “green field” with distinct short-falls in modernization of practices and literary assertions.

It also holds true that for there to be a referential body of literature in any field, including medicine, there must necessarily be a repository. In days gone by the national libraries would serve this purpose, but in this modern digital age, the amassing, reviewal and publication, both online and hard copy, falls to those who can guarantee the work is correctly handled and presented.

It is to address this last point that led to the creation Waraqa LLC., a Saudi startup that specializes in the correct handling of medical literary publications, from their infancy to their publication in custom created online journals, and beyond in events such as scientific conferences, symposiums and awareness campaigns.

We at Waraqa LLC. take the improvement and betterment of our country seriously, fully supporting government-laid objectives and directives. This holds true for the recent exposé of “Visions 2030”, the official government plan for achieving growth and increased international presence in all sectors by the year 2030.  Our commitment to these goals can be seen in out consistent and proven efforts in assisting many local institutions and medical facilities in improving their ranking by increasing their outreach capabilities, transparency and overall quality of publicized materials.


In summary, our objectives can be summed up in the following points:

  1. To increase the number of local peer-reviewed journals.
  2. To provide all required publishing services from conceptualization to publication
  3. Managing the content and presentation materials for medical research events, conferences, and similar functions.
  4. Providing support and outsourced upkeep of online profiles via social media.
  5. Achieve a referential status in the field of medical literature in Saudi Arabia
  6. Aiding the country in achieving the Vision 2030 goals by providing help to local universities, institutions, and healthcare facilities in achieving a better overall rank in their chosen fields.

Prince Mohamed Ben Saad Road, Building #6427, First floor, office # 1&2, Al Malqa Neighborhood, P.O.Box 3254, post code:13524. Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.